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Learn to make waves & 
create the life you want 

Online therapy for
Anxiety & Relationships in Texas

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On the surface, things seem calm and put together.

You're doing everything you're supposed to do and working hard to keep the peace.

Things are from peaceful though.

Beneath the surface you struggle daily. You find yourself thinking of the worst case scenarios, doubting yourself, and worried whether or not you’re measuring up.


You feel like something is wrong with you- like you’re broken. You hide this feeling and put on a mask so others won’t see you’re struggling.

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I see you

I’m Erica and I specialize in helping adults learn to break free of society’s expectations of them so they can define who they are for themselves and speak their truth.

Clients come to me because they want a therapist who will do more than just sit and nod, answering all of their questions with more questions. They don’t want the truth sugar-coated or to tip-toe around the big issues. I believe in being compassionate and empathetic, I also believe in being direct.

Therapy can help you

I believe therapy should be simple

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to decide if I’m a good fit for you. If we are, great! We’ll schedule your first appointment and begin mapping out a path to your goals.


If not, no problem. I’ll refer to you to another talented therapist in my network who can help.

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Don't settle for a life that only looks good

Live a life that feels great!

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